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Bitty Book Nook

  • : Yes
  • : Bitty Book Nook is a book review blog that specializes in reviewing books written by independent and lesser-known authors. It features reviews of a majority of the fiction genres and some nonfiction genres.

Minerva Reads

  • : Yes
  • : The reviewer is an experienced writer, and in addition to book reviews also offers freelance editorial services.
  • : http://www.minervareads.com/
  • : Does not accept self-published titles.

Bookish Babbles and random rambles

  • : Yes
  • : Impartial, fair reviews.
  • : https://booksandblah.wordpress.com/
  • : Extract from review policy – “I do accept most sub-genres of YA– Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery etc. I do not accept paranormal or dystopian novels.” Please contact the reviewer using the contact page on her blog.

Riley Amos Westbook

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