Rabs Will Review Your Work Of Fiction!

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  • : Hello everybody! Rabhya Maini here. I am a bookworm and a bookstagrammer for two years now. I found my happiness through books. I normally love fiction and fantasy and my reviews are there in the blog. I receive review copies from different publishers and authors. Check out my Goodreads and my Gravatar.
  • : https://rabsbookishplanet.wordpress.com/

The Broken Quill – Julie Gray Freelance Entertainment Reviewer

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  • : Hi there! My name is Julie Gray, and I am a freelance entertainment reviewer. I have reviewed almost everything you can imagine, from video games to software, movies, books, manga and streaming content.

    I offer my services as both a book reviewer and a beta reader. As a writer myself, I approach all review content from the audience, reader, and customer perspective – not the author. That said, I also have the writer’s experience behind me to provide a thorough, constructive and unbiased critique of your work.

  • : https://thebrokenquill.com/

Phoenixfeather Quill

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  • : Hii! I am Jagriti. I am an avid reader and I post my book reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram and on my blog. I like to discover new books and new authors. Nothing delights me more than a new book from my favorite authors.
  • : http://jagritireads.wordpress.com

The Bibliophilic Blog

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  • : As our motto reads “A bibliophile on a journey to spread the ecstasy of reading” we strive to seed the healthy habit of reading in the new generation. It is a blog by the youth for the youth. We closely understand what the people of our age want from the books and we strive hard to deliver the best recommendations and reviews
  • : https://www.thebibliophilicblog.in

Authors4Bloggers now accepting reviews on DelightingDelilah.blog

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  • : Primary reviewer is indie author Delilah Bluette. Books are reviewed on my site both on the regular 1-5 star scale and also on how much it Delights Delilah. D = Delights, DD = Delights Delilah, DDD = Definitely Delights Delilah. Requests for book reviews will also be submitted to other bloggers associated with Authors4Bloggers but there is no guarantee that bloggers besides Delilah will chose to review a book.
  • : https://delightingdelilah.blog/blog/
  • : YouTube Channel has no reviews as of yet but will host book reviews in the future.

Shh! I’m Reading!

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  • : Hi, I’m from Ontario, Canada and I love to spend the long, cold winter months snuggled up with lots of books! I’m often seen reading 3-6 books at a time. I am also a gamer (which tends to eat up a lot of my reading time, shame). I have been reviewing for about 5 years now and I still enjoy doing so. I read a little of everything, but do please check my site for my Genre Preferences.
  • : https://shhiamreading.weebly.com
  • : Please read my Genre Preferences on my blog before sending a request.

Christian Book Reviewer

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  • : Hi! My name is Valicity Elaine, I’m a Christian book reviewer with an interest in fiction, fantasy, and YA titles. My website is dedicated to reading and reviewing quality Christian material ranging from books to music and more! If you write or create Christian content, I’m your girl!
  • : http://www.therebelchristian.com/
  • : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCRMgg74htgSqKk2XRlXUTg?view_as=subscriber
  • : My social media platform is new but growing! My monthly newsletter is delivered to over 400 dedicated readers. I welcome new, Indie, small-time, and diverse content creators! My goal is to shine light on the Christian entertainment realm!


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  • : Hi, I’m Jess.

    Aircraft Engineer by day, Author and keen reader in my spare time.

    I write YA mostly. I have 2 publications and a few works in progress.

    I Love reading. I read whenever I can. I don’t go anywhere without my kindle.

    When I’m not reading or working, you can normally find me spending time with my cats, Louis and Hugo. I often take Louis for walks in the woods or the park. I also have a tortoise caled Bernard who likes to bully Louis.

    I’ve just moved to New Milton (near Bournemouth UK), near the New Forest, so Louis and I are lpoking forward to exploring it!

    Being closer to work also means I now have more spare time to read so come check out my reviewing guidelines.

  • : http://www.jessreviews.co.uk

Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

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  • : I’m a YA book blogger who adores cookie dough, good music, and of course: books! I mainly review books but will on occasion post about other things I find interesting. Can’t wait to work with you!
  • : afictionalbookworm.wordpress.com

Reading is my passion!

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  • : I’m an avid reader and really enjoy posting reviews on the books I have enjoyed. I chose not to leave negative book reviews. I’ve been married for almost 3 decades and have 3 amazing kids! I’m a writer and published author as well.
  • : http://robinsbookreviews.com

Blunt Broad Brags About Books

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  • : I read a diverse array of genres. I love true crime, erotica, history/non-fiction, biographies, etc. I leave blunt reviews. I cannot be swayed. I try very hard to be fair though! Please read a few of my reviews before requesting to see if I scare you. Contact me at thenutbarn@wordpress.com
  • : https://thenutbarn.wordpress.com/