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Bloggers who are featured in Ninja Influencers Book Reviewers Directory get a very high volume of RELEVANT traffic.

As authors and publishers can filter reviewers using the easy search & filter tool, you get to hear only from those who are most interested in your genre. You can also indicate in your post if you are currently accepting reviews or not.

Whether you are blogging for money or to share your knowledge, being featured in Ninja Influencers Book Directory is a great way to become visible on the internet – to both Google and humans.

You get SEO juice from the external links from NinjaInfluencers and your blog starts showing up higher on Google. As a result, you get higher traffic, which in turn opens up a world of blog monetization possibilities such as ads, affiliates, and selling your own courses and books.

Here’s a pro tip: If you do not want review requests, you can still get the SEO benefits of being featured in NinjaInfluencers. Simply indicate in your post that you are not currently accepting reviews – you can change this option at a later date whenever you like.

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