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Books are Back!

Reading is so relaxing. Even newspapers filled with troublesome news have been proven to relax people in the morning. And books, with their ability to take us into another world altogether certainly make us feel relaxed and happy.

Books are coming back with a vengeance. When I visited a friend, I was so happy to hear her kids say that their favorite spare-time activity is reading (historical fiction) books.

Trends in the World of Books

What is a book?

According to the dictionary definition, “a book is a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together“.

In our humble opinion, a book is not a mere collection of printed pages, rather it is a collection of ideas presented in a cohesive manner. The presentation medium of the book could be printed pages – or it could be audio file, or video of the author talking to you.

The concept of book has undergone a change. Instead of the written word, many authors choose to create podcasts and make them available as audio-books, online workshops, or as YouTube videos. Though a blogpost, podcast, audiobook or a YouTube video, doesn’t look like a “book”, the idea is essentially the same!

In the old days, authors used to dictate books to their secretaries who used to write it down and then get it printed. Cassette players, record players, and audio-video technology was very limited. Books needed to be printed on paper for mass distribution.

Today, techology has made multiple information channels available even in remote African villages. It’s easy to share your ideas with people. Authors simply record their books in their own words, and make them available online to the audience.

This is a great time to be an author. We are rediscovering the joys of reading books.

The Golden Age for Book Reviewers

This is truly the golden age for book reviewers! Millions of books are being published every year. Naturally, many hidden treasures are going unseen in all genres, making a book reviewer’s role more critical than ever.

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Do You Want to Review Books?

Books reviewers are in great demand today. You get to read books for free, share your love of books through your reviews and if you like, you can also charge a fee for your reviews. The authors win too because it gets their books exposed to a large audience.

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Join in the Book Reviewers Directory

book reviewers make moneyBeing a part of the book reviewers directory makes your profile visible to authors searching for reviewers.

In addition to books, you can also review YouTube channels, workshops and other products.

Many reviewers do book reviews as they simply enjoy and love reading books. Some reviewers, on the other hand, do fee-based reviews as they see reviewing as part of a home-based business strategy.

Whether you are doing free or paid reviews, as a reviewer you play a crucial role in helping authors succeed. As a reviewer, you also help to expose hidden gems in the book world to the readers.

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