Jennifer @Bargain Sleuth Book Reviews

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  • : I’m just a Gen X wife and mom to four tween/teens who loves to read in her spare time. My day job is working for an internationally-known company’s website. I’ve been blogging for years, but just started talking about books in 2020. I love historical fiction, biography, mysteries, anything film or music-related, anything about the royals, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, sports, YA, middle grade and more. I blog my reviews and also post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, & Tumblr. I also post ebook deals every Saturday and Sunday to all social media.
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paperbacktomes | A book-lover embarking on bookish Adventures

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  • : Hey, everyone! I’m Isha, who runs the paperbacktomes book-blog. Books mean the world to me. I get to live a thousand lives through them. Sometimes it exciting, but sometimes I just need words to comfort me and ground me. I recommend, review, and speak about books on my blog. Feel free to stop by anytime.
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  • : I’m very honest in my reviews, so please read my review-policy before reaching out.

Phoenixfeather Quill

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  • : Hii! I am Jagriti. I am an avid reader and I post my book reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram and on my blog. I like to discover new books and new authors. Nothing delights me more than a new book from my favorite authors.
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Shh! I’m Reading!

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  • : Hi, I’m from Ontario, Canada and I love to spend the long, cold winter months snuggled up with lots of books! I’m often seen reading 3-6 books at a time. I am also a gamer (which tends to eat up a lot of my reading time, shame). I have been reviewing for about 5 years now and I still enjoy doing so. I read a little of everything, but do please check my site for my Genre Preferences.
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  • : Please read my Genre Preferences on my blog before sending a request.


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  • : Hi there! My name is Esther, I’m a 28 year old teacher from The Netherlands.
    Next to working 40 hours a week, I love to read, work out, travel and bake.

    You can call me a bookjunkie. I read somewhere near 10 books a month and I ADORE my books. I think I might own 250 books, and I’m still counting!

    I’ve been reviewing books on Goodreads. In 2017 I started this blog to spread the word about all the books I read and to share my opinion.

    I’d love to receive messages or comments about my blog and reviews.

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  • : Very picky about reviews at the moment.


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  • : Hi, I’m Jess.

    Aircraft Engineer by day, Author and keen reader in my spare time.

    I write YA mostly. I have 2 publications and a few works in progress.

    I Love reading. I read whenever I can. I don’t go anywhere without my kindle.

    When I’m not reading or working, you can normally find me spending time with my cats, Louis and Hugo. I often take Louis for walks in the woods or the park. I also have a tortoise caled Bernard who likes to bully Louis.

    I’ve just moved to New Milton (near Bournemouth UK), near the New Forest, so Louis and I are lpoking forward to exploring it!

    Being closer to work also means I now have more spare time to read so come check out my reviewing guidelines.

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only bio based books please

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  • : i hold a masters degree in biology from india. i have done several book reviews in the past, many of which have appeared in two local journals in india which have now ceased publication. one review appeared in JAMA ; others have appeared in the websites of blackwell, oxford university press, springer etc.
    recently, two leading international publishers have approved my reviews appearing in website.